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HDMI Extender by Single CAT6 50M W/ IR&Loop Out HEC50SL 1080P 3D


The premium HDMI Extender by CAT-5e/6 uses ONE piece of CAT-5e/6 cable to extend the HDTV display up to 50 meters for  3D 1080p using Cat6 cable. It NEEDS ONLY ONE ETHERNET CABLE It not only breaks the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length, but also CAT-5e/6 has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction. It comes with IR funtion and mounting ears

It has HDMI loop-out for local display.


  • New 1080P HDMI Extender by SINGLE CAT5 CAT5e  CAT6 CABLE. SUPPORTS FULL HD 1080P UP TO 50m
  • support HDMI  loop-out for local display
  • supports HDMI 3D
  • comes with IR function
  • comes with mounting ears
  • Easy installation
  • Only requires 1 CAT5/CAT6 Cable
  • Transmission distance can be up to 50 meters for 1080p using SINGLE CAT-6
  • Supports HDMI and HDCP
  • Perfect for: PS3, PS4, Xbox one, HD DVD, Xbox 360 Elite, Apple TV, Virgin V+, Sky HD, Freesat HD, Blu-ray Disc, DVD, HD Camcorder, HTPC, Laptop
  • Follow the standard of IEEE-568B,Auto-adjustment of feedback, equalization and amplify
  • HDCP compliant

What's in the box

  • 1x HEC50SL Sender Unit
  • 1x HEC50SL Receiver Unit
  • 1 X 5V UK 3pin power supply
  • 1X IR blaster extension cable
  • 1X IR receiver extension cable
  • User Manual

HDMI Extender by Single CAT6 50M W/ IR&Loop Out HEC50SL 1080P 3D

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  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: HEC50SL
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